People’s Choice Agency Of The Year Leader Board Revealed!

People’s Choice Agency Of The Year Leader Board Revealed!

Have you been furiously voting on B&T’s People’s Choice awards to discover who agency-land thinks is Australia’s best agency? Are you simply dying to know who’s currently atop the very crammed leader board? Well, today we’re going to get your juices flowing by revealing that very thing!

And c’mon down the fine folk from Carat Australia! Yes, from the 4000 votes we’ve had thus far, the famed agency is presently in the number one position. But The Hallway and The Monkeys are hot on their heels in second and third respectively. But hey, the votes not over until the fat lady sings (or, in this instance the B&T Awards in Melbourne on the 4th December) and you can keep voting for your favourite agency – and outrageously rig the vote – right up until then! The current top 10 leader board looks thus. And rest assured, it’s a log jam from there back!

1) Carat Australia

2) The Hallway

3) The Monkeys

4) Cadreon

5) Cummins&Partners

6) Resolution

7) Columbus

8) PHD Media

9) ApolloNation

10) IKON Communications

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