People Spoiling Star Wars Find Themselves In The Online Dog House

People Spoiling Star Wars Find Themselves In The Online Dog House

You don’t want to upset Star Wars fans!

The effrontery of people who post spoilers about the new Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, have found themselves the target of some pretty heavy anger, particularly from community forum Reddit.

The film – which generated a bucketload of cash for Disney – has recently started showing all around the world, and spoilers are a virtual mind field fans have to tread carefully through.

Reports circulating this morning say Reddit moderators have taken to banning those who comment with Star Wars spoilers on completely irrelevant discussion threads.

One of the moderators, TheGreatZiegfeld posted on the forum: “We’ve banned dozens of users so far for this. I think all the mods have had it spoiled for them by now. We’ll do our best to make sure you guys don’t suffer the same fate.

“Good luck, guys.”

Similarly, one of our reporter’s friends had the devastating moment upon reading the comment thread on a popular news site when several spoilers were included in the comments of an unrelated story.

People have been questioning whether posting spoilers should be considered a crime, and while the police over in Philadelphia in the States say it isn’t, they’re also in agreement it should be.

The blocking of spoilers is taken to such lengths someone developed a chrome extension that will warn people when the content they’ve clicked on could have spoilers in it.

One of our reporters is so adamant at not having anything ruined she’s installed the extension on all of her devices and is refusing to write any Star Wars stories for fear of finding something out.

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