Pedigree Launches Beautiful Campaign That Shows Close Connection Between Dog And Owner

Pedigree Launches Beautiful Campaign That Shows Close Connection Between Dog And Owner

Proving that dogs literally make everything better, a new study has shown that an owners’ heart rate can change for the better when in the company of their canine.

In an Australian-first demonstration sponsored by Pedigree, the researchers hooked up tech-savvy tools to both dog and owner to see how their bodies operate when they’re apart, and again when they’re together.

The Hearts Aligned initiative follows the real life stories of three Australian pet owners, all who have taken part in a demonstration that shows how dogs help reduce stress levels and improve our lives.

If you fancy a feel good break, this is it:

Research shows pet owners have greater self-esteem, undertake more exercise, fare better on measures of wellbeing and are better able to cope with social rejection than non-pet owners. Pet ownership has also been shown to act as a buffer from stressful situations and events, particularly in old age.

This is important in light of recent research which shows that 90 per cent of Australians need to stress less, with 74 per cent of people feeling stressed because of work. 

“There is decades of research showing how dogs can help their owners stay both physically and emotionally healthy. Hearts Aligned aims to showcase the science behind the special bond we have with our dogs and to celebrate that,” canine scientist and demonstration conductor Mia Cobb said.

Pedigree spokesperson Kate Waite said the project reinforced the company’s commitment to building a better world for pets.

“At Pedigree we truly believe that dogs bring out the best in us. We are thrilled to be able to showcase this sentiment through the Hearts Aligned campaign and to celebrate the many benefits they bring to our lives,” Waite said.

Australians are encouraged to share their own dog photos using the official hashtag #HeartsAligned. Each post on Facebook will trigger a $1 donation from Pedigree to national rescue organisation Pet Rescue up to $20,000. The campaign will run until the end of May.

It comes as Pedigree scored itself an impressive award at the recent Webby Awards, with the ‘PEDIGREE Found’ dog finder app created and developed by Colenso BBDO winning the Judges Choice Award in the ‘Mobile Campaign’ category in the Advertising and Media section.

Neville Doyle, digital planning director at Colenso BBDO, said, “The Webby Awards are known as ‘the internets highest honor’.

“With mobile increasingly being the most important platform for brands and consumers alike, having our work for PEDIGREE selected as the best mobile campaign in the world is something the entire team here is very proud of.”


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