“I Cop All This Sh*t”: Pauline Hanson Breaks Down During ACA Interview

“I Cop All This Sh*t”: Pauline Hanson Breaks Down During ACA Interview

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson broke down during her interview on A Current Affair last night as the backlash over Steve Dickson and James Ashby’s controversial US trip continues to plague her.

The interview followed One Nation senate candidate Steve Dickson’s resignation yesterday after footage emerged of him groping dancers and making racist remarks about women in a US strip club.

Hanson broke down to Tracy Grimshaw on ACA Tuesday night, saying: “I cop all this s*** all the time, and I’m sick of it. Absolutely sick of it.

“I am upset. I have worked with this for 23 years … I have had ups and downs. I’m kicked in the guts time and time again. It happens right before an election.

Hanson said she had been “let down dreadfully” by many people, naming Fraser Anning, Brian Burston and David Oldfield as just a few. She asked: “Where are they now?”

You can watch the footage of her interview here.

The footage which prompted Dickson’s resignation was captured by an undercover journalist from Al Jazeera and leaked to ACA. 

It was part of an undercover investigation into meetings about political donations between Dickson and Hanson’s chief of staff James Ashby, and America’s National Rifle Association.

Hanson accused Al Jazeera of trying to “discredit One Nation” three weeks out from the federal election.

Dickson issued a statement apologising for his actions, saying “I am also deeply remorseful for my disrespectful comments towards women.”


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