Party People! It’s All The Party Pics From The 2020 B&T Awards

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  • BNT2020-0154-DSC_0190
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  • BNT2020-0156-DSC_2800
  • BNT2020-0151-DSC_0188
  • BNT2020-0150-DSC_0172
  • BNT2020-0149-DSC_2778
  • BNT2020-0148-DSC_2772
  • BNT2020-0147-DSC_2768
  • BNT2020-0146-DSC_2767
  • BNT2020-0145-DSC_2765
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  • BNT2020-0130-DSC_9959
  • BNT2020-0129-DSC_2646
  • BNT2020-0128-DSC_9955
  • BNT2020-0123-DSC_9929
  • BNT2020-0124-DSC_2633
  • BNT2020-0125-DSC_2636
  • BNT2020-0126-DSC_9949
  • BNT2020-0127-DSC_9952
  • BNT2020-0122-DSC_9912
  • BNT2020-0121-DSC_2644
  • BNT2020-0120-DSC_2710
  • BNT2020-0119-DSC_0229
  • BNT2020-0118-DSC_9946
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  • BNT2020-0115-DSC_2695
  • BNT2020-0116-DSC_0222
  • BNT2020-0117-DSC_9986
  • BNT2020-0112-DSC_2628
  • BNT2020-0111-DSC_0216
  • BNT2020-0109-DSC_0125
  • BNT2020-0110-DSC_0144
  • BNT2020-0108-DSC_0003
  • BNT2020-0103-DSC_0148
  • BNT2020-0104-DSC_9919
  • BNT2020-0105-DSC_9927
  • BNT2020-0106-DSC_0382
  • BNT2020-0107-DSC_9992
  • BNT2020-0102-DSC_9922
  • BNT2020-0101-DSC_9923
  • BNT2020-0100-DSC_0192
  • BNT2020-0099-DSC_2642
  • BNT2020-0098-DSC_9918
  • BNT2020-0097-DSC_2641
  • BNT2020-0096-DSC_0432
  • BNT2020-0095-DSC_0431
  • BNT2020-0094-DSC_9916
  • BNT2020-0093-DSC_9914
  • BNT2020-0088-DSC_2520
  • BNT2020-0089-DSC_2489
  • BNT2020-0090-DSC_9904
  • BNT2020-0091-DSC_9906
  • BNT2020-0092-DSC_9909
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  • BNT2020-0085-DSC_2956
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  • BNT2020-0083-DSC_2517
  • BNT2020-0082-DSC_2506
  • BNT2020-0081-DSC_2504
  • BNT2020-0080-DSC_2503
  • BNT2020-0079-DSC_2511
  • BNT2020-0078-DSC_2510
  • BNT2020-0248-DSC_2940
  • BNT2020-0249-DSC_0464
  • BNT2020-0250-DSC_0468
  • BNT2020-0251-DSC_2962
  • BNT2020-0252-DSC_2968
  • BNT2020-0247-DSC_2924
  • BNT2020-0246-DSC_2903
  • BNT2020-0245-DSC_0458
  • BNT2020-0244-DSC_0453
  • BNT2020-0243-DSC_2953
  • BNT2020-0238-DSC_2853
  • BNT2020-0239-DSC_0429
  • BNT2020-0240-DSC_0314
  • BNT2020-0241-DSC_2946
  • BNT2020-0242-DSC_2951
  • BNT2020-0237-DSC_0378
  • BNT2020-0236-DSC_2895
  • BNT2020-0235-DSC_2891
  • BNT2020-0234-DSC_2890
  • BNT2020-0233-DSC_0442
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Sure, COVID put a little bit of a dampener on Friday night’s Award frivolities but thankfully the 600 guests who flocked to Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion still managed a good time considering the constraints thrust upon us all given the global pandemic.

So, time to check out all of Friday night’s party people in this photo gallery spectacular.

And, as re-cap, you can check out the full list of winners on the night here.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and finalists of this year’s B&T Awards, and big ups to our awesome judges and stupendous sponsors ably led by chief sponsor ShopifyPlus and AMSRO, Boomtown, FT, Primerchord and Special Naktatomi.


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  • Mark 3 days ago

    Seriously B&T, you have to do better than that rubbish newsletter copy about unwanted pregnancies at Awards nights. COVID and social distancing regulations don’t excuse such poor taste. Drag yourselves and your outdated, stereotypical, chauvanistic, sexist comments out of the gutter.

2020 B&T Awards

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