Pakistan Bans Contraceptive Ads On TV And Radio

Pakistan Bans Contraceptive Ads On TV And Radio

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Pakistan has reportedly banned contraceptive advertising on TV and radio after complaints from parents. In this piece by Asad Hashim for Reuters, Hashim looks at the controversial movement and questions its intentions as Pakistan reportedly wanted to increase the use of contraception among its population.


Pakistan has banned advertisements for contraceptive products on television and radio over concern that they expose inquisitive children to the subject of sex.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) said it was acting in response to complaints from parents and its ban covered all contraceptive, birth control and family planning products.

“(The) general public is very much concerned (about) the exposure of such products to the innocent children, which get inquisitive on features (and) use of the products,” it said in a statement.

The ban came despite a government initiative to encourage birth control in Pakistan, a conservative Muslim country of 190 million people where talking about sex in public is taboo.

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