Pac Mags Reveals Redundancy Plans To Staff, With New Idea & WHO In The Firing Line

Pac Mags Reveals Redundancy Plans To Staff, With New Idea & WHO In The Firing Line

Pacific Magazines has flagged redundancies for some of its editorial teams as the publisher looks to improve its profitability and remain competitive.

In a memo to staff obtained by B&T, Pac Mags CEO Gereurd Roberts (pictured above) said the company is in discussions with the editorial teams for New Idea and WHO about making a number of roles redundant.

Here’s the memo in full:

As you know, across our entire business we have a strategic drive to transform the way we work – not only to improve our profit performance and remain competitive, but also to ensure we adapt in line with the rapid rate of business and technological change.

Nowhere is that more of a priority than in our entertainment and family group, where a focus on continuous improvement has seen our brands New Idea, WHO and That’s Life establish and extend a clear leadership position in their category.

In line with maintaining this lead and continuing to evolve, today we commenced discussions with the writing and editing staff on our entertainment editorial teams (New Idea and WHO) about proposed structural changes to the group.

These changes, aligned to Pacific’s overarching strategy, would see us establish more flexible and upskilled teams, with staff expanding their roles and creating content across print, online and social, video, and audio.

We will support these changes with relevant training, continued investment in our publishing systems and the establishment of new working spaces within our redesigned and purpose-built office space on Level 7.

As a result of these proposed changes, some new internal roles will be created and a number of roles, as they currently exist, may be identified as redundant.

We are currently consulting with staff regarding the proposed changes and gathering feedback before a final decision is made. Should the changes proceed, we will be looking to transition as many employees as possible into the new structure.

The consultation process will take until early next week and we will keep you updated as these discussions progress.

Please feel free to discuss the changes with myself, or your manager, if you have any questions.

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