Aussie Programmatic Landscape On A Page

Aussie Programmatic Landscape On A Page
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MediaScope has released what might be its most useful  poster yet, the Programmatic Landscape. Programmatic is going so fast Denise Shrivell, who develops the posters locally,  is going to have to release a new version every week, which should be good for the sponsor RocketFuel.


Its a vastly complex and rapidly changing area of media which is going flip a few publishers out (out of business possibly as yields plummet across many online sites) and potentially wipe out a lot of those media buying houses you see with rows and rows of early 20 somethings tapping away at their computers (like the slave ship rowers on Ben Hur). TV is supposed to go programmatic by August.

You can get the poster at Denise’s site HERE

Another good source of basic info is the IAB. HERE

If you’re still confused you can go to a programmatic seminar most days of the week. Check out ADMA and IAB who both have courses.

If you’re a small to medium publisher, or a B2B publisher, best get to one of them and learn what’s coming at you. It isn’t pretty. Better get started on some content based strategies quick, where programmatic won’t get you – at least for now.


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