Aussie Marketers Are The Most ‘Modern’, Says Forrester Research


Research conducted by Forrester for Oracle suggests that Australian marketers are ahead of the US, UK, Germany and France when it comes to adopting ‘modern’ marketing techniques.

 What’s ‘modern’ marketing? Forrester defines it as “using a combination of real-time predictive models and stat techniques to ensure personalized customer engagement throughout each stage of the purchase journey.”

According to findings in the study, 83 per cent  of Australian marketers are willing to invest in marketing technology that supports a rich eco-system of complementary, partner-created applications. Also, more than half of Australian marketers deploy technology to build profiles to better understand customer needs.

According to Oracle’s research, the modern marketer is making significant progress in doing so – 60 per cent of marketers globally say they’ve successfully combined real-time customer data with predictive models and statistical techniques to help engage customers in a digital dialogue, and more than 65 per cent cited having consistent data-gathering techniques to help improve data quality.

Some of the stats on outperformance of organisations that successfully ‘modernise’ in this manner include:

  • Revenue growth: 44 per cent of modern marketers reported their organisation’s revenues exceeded their plan by 10 per cent or more over the last 12 months, in comparison to 25 per cent of their non-modern marketing peers
  • Market leadership: 95 percent of modern marketers reported they have some form of market leadership position, with 49 percent claiming that they are the sole market leaders
  • Workplace excellence: 70 percent of modern marketers claimed that they had received national recognition as a “best place to work” at least once in the past three years, versus only 38 per cent of what the study defined as novice marketers

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