OOH Player Rolls Out Interactive Digital Mirrors Across Sydney Restrooms

OOH Player Rolls Out Interactive Digital Mirrors Across Sydney Restrooms

Australian out-of-home (OOH) company Living Image Media has launched its market-first advertising platform in major shopping centres across Sydney.

Living Image Media offers interactive digital mirrors in retail restroom environments – new format designed to plug a gap in the OOH market.

With Living Image Media’s interactive digital mirrors being placed within male, female and parent restrooms, advertisers will have the opportunity to specifically target these audiences on a one-to-one basis.

In addition to the ability to segment advertising content, the interactive digital mirrors also possess an intelligent little piece of thinking, utilitilising motion sensors to minimise the advertising as people approach the wash basin.

Whilst the advertising continues to play when minimised, it seamlessly moves to the upper left-hand corner to avoid interrupting a shopper’s normal mirror experience.

Peter Glavincevski, CEO of Living Image Media and former commercial and operations director for Adshel, said “We’ve created a product that’s not only stylish and refreshing for restroom environments, but also represents a brand new channel to connect with and engage target audiences.

“It delivers audio when others don’t or can’t. It can be interactive and contain animated content when others can’t.

“It is the only platform that provides true opportunity to target and intimately connect with male and female audiences on a one-to-one basis, and not simply be passed-by like a bus shelter or shopping centre panel.”

Living Image Media has initially rolled out 50 interactive digital mirrors, with the majority of shopping centre groups jumping on board to further support a national roll-out of this new platform.

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