Online Dating Survey: 100% Of Profiles Featuring A Photo Of Bacon Are From Men

Online Dating Survey: 100% Of Profiles Featuring A Photo Of Bacon Are From Men

Online dating comparison website Dating Scout has revealed its annual survey into the habits of online dating, including a snapshot of the average Aussie dater looking for love.

Dating Scout profiled some 22 million dating profiles around the world, including an unnamed number here in Australia.

Using artificial intelligence and a deep learning algorithm, these pictures were scanned for over 6.000 features and characteristics including hair colours, facial expressions, objects, animals and backgrounds amongst many other things.

These are the main results as they relate to Aussie online daters:

• Most pictures with saxophone players are from academics
• All pictures with chilies are from men
• 95 per cent of pictures with bagpipes are from men
• 86 per cent of photos with money or gambling are uploaded by men
• Pictures of owls are most popular among academic online daters
• Internationally Australian online daters take the highest share of pictures with red snappers – 81.34 per cent
• Burning tires and donuts? Most popular among Australian online daters. They take 78.13 per cent of the international share when it comes to drifting
• The Australian online daters hold 73.53 per cent of the photos with toilet seats internationally
• Nearly two thirds of all photos with lobsters go to the Australian online daters
• More than 60 per cent of photos with kettlebells go to gay online daters
• Nearly 75 per cent of photos roller blading are from lesbian online daters
• 100 per cent of photos with bacon are uploaded by men
• Eating healthy salad must be a female thing, right? Defo wrong here, 75 per cent of all pictures with salads are from males
• An animal that has a very even gender share of 50.8 per cent men and 49.2 per cent women when it comes to being in pictures? The Goat!
• Gay men take the highest share when it comes to pictures with kangaroos. More than 30 per cent of all pictures with these Aussie marsupials to to the gay male
• Almost 50 per cent of all bull riding pics are from men under the age of 25
• 67 per cent of all fairy themed pictures are from women older than 45
• More than 65 per cent of pictures with harvesters are from men older than 55
• Apparently Australian gay men don’t like leopards at all. Zero leopard themed pics from them (But 40 per cent from straight men…)
• There are more pictures of solely surfboards than people actually surfing
• Stuffed toys have a 45 per cent male and 55 per cent female share in Australia


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