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Omnicom Partners With Integral Ad Science To Tackle Ad Fraud

Omnicom Partners With Integral Ad Science To Tackle Ad Fraud

Omnicom Media Group has announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science, in a move aimed at taking a firm stand on digital ad verification, to combat the industry issues of ad fraud, viewability and brand safety.

The partnership will see Omnicom Media Group agencies use the Integral suite of tracking across all of their clients.

Dan Robins, head of interactive, OMD Sydney said, “The time for discussion over ad verification is fast receding, and we believe the market and technology is now in the right position for us to make a clear stand on issues which need addressing in the industry.

“While ad fraud and brand safety remain important industry challenges which will require continuous effort to protect against, we believe partnering with Integral as the leading point solution in the space will give our clients the best possible protection available. This partnership does not change our view that viewability is a metric we should work with publishers and clients on to strive toward better outcomes all round; rather it strengthens our ability to have open conversations based on solid data for both in-campaign optimization, as well as at the overall publisher level.”

As a third party, non-biased media quality data source utilising advanced technology, Integral Ad Science will allow companies like Omnicom Media Group to make smarter, high-quality media buys.

“We are very excited to partner with OMG in Australia & New Zealand,” said James Diamond, managing director ANZ at Integral. “It’s exciting to see one of the big players in the market proactively addressing the issue of media quality and helping their advertisers get access to better quality media. While we are still in the early stages, I expect that OMG’s clients are going to benefit significantly in the long run. They will ultimately have fewer brand safety issues, more exposure to potential customers and better marketing ROI.”

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