Omnicom Unveils Programmatic Ad Offering On Spotify

Omnicom Unveils Programmatic Ad Offering On Spotify

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) Australia has announced it has launched programmatic advertising on Spotify and commenced campaigns for major brands, in tandem with The Trade Desk (TTD).

OMG programmatic director Tom Fryett said the group has secured strong brand uptake and spend for programmatic audio ad campaigns on the music streaming platform.

“Our brands understand from traditional broadcast radio that audio is a powerful and emotive medium,” he said.

“We are now seeing the traditional strengths of audio as a channel are only bolstered when you combine this with a programmatic approach, as you are able to send highly relevant and personalised messages to specific segments within that overall target audience.

“We have had great take up from major advertisers across the group and we expect from the positive results seen to date to significantly expand this part of our programmatic offering next year.”

Fryett said OMG partnered with TTD for its Spotify offering because it makes the creative upload process and overall user interface very easy to use.

“We find it’s very important to work with a sophisticated platform and also have solid support for a burgeoning programmatic format to ensure you leverage the platform to its full potential,” he said.

Fryett also noted that the personalised nature of Spotify-curated playlists means OMG is able to deliver a targeted audience to brand advertisers, while also maintaining tight control of ad frequency.

“Audio has given us a powerful new tactic to deliver the right message to the brand’s target audience across screens, formats and inventory” he said.

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