NOVA Signs On SpotX As It Looks To Commercialise Video Content

NOVA Signs On SpotX As It Looks To Commercialise Video Content

Multimedia brand NOVA Entertainment is looking to further its commercialisation of its video content, signing on video inventory management platform SpotX to sell across the company’s inventory.

It’s the first programmatic partnership NOVA has utilised for its video inventory.

Since NOVA’s rebrand from dmg Radio last year, the company has been pushing its multimedia offering, it’s no longer just a radio network.

And part of that push has been much of the talent creating bespoke video content for fans. The videos have seen such engagement, David McGrath, digital commercial operations director, said it’s exciting for the opportunity to monetise them now.

“What SpotX does for us, more moving into programmatic, it gives us the confidence in being able to invest in video because we know we can commercialise it,” said McGrath.

The lack of premium content available for advertisers to align with has McGrath believing this is a unique proposition for the brand.

“Advertisers are really clamouring to get on board with that.”

Brands are still able to sponsor the talent’s video, however if a sponsor doesn’t come on board, the pre-roll or other ad unit is able to be bid on in a programmatic sense – which is where SpotX comes in.

Watch McGrath further discuss the partnership below.

Of the partnership, Daniel Rowlands, director of supply for APAC at SpotX, said: “Nova has been proactive in leveraging our platform and relationships to give themselves high visibility both in the open marketplace and by setting up private marketplaces to trade premium inventory.

“Nova can track how their inventory is performing across marketplaces using our reporting interface and optimise on the fly, to ensure they’re utilising the highest performing sales technique.”

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