NOVA Entertainment Appoints Video Chief

professional video camcorder in studio with blurred background

NOVA Entertainment has made two staffing changes to its digital content team.

Sean Bell, video executive producer for Nova’s Sydney breakfast show, Fitzy & Wippa, has been promoted to head of video.

Bell’s appointment means he will oversee video production for NOVA Entertainment’s on-air shows across Australia, news and entertainment for the digital platforms, as well as the video production for mobile-only platform GOAT.

He will also continue to direct and produce original video content for Fitzy & Wippa.

Sean Bell

Sean Bell

In a simultaneous move, Fitzy & Wippa’s digital content producer, Cassie Crofts, has also been appointed deputy editor of shows and programming, and will now oversee the Nova network’s show digital content producers around the country.

Giles Hardie, head of digital content at NOVA, said in a statement: “These two appointments highlight our commitment to sharing our amazing show content across all of our platforms, and across the country.”

“Sean and Cassie are just two of our amazing show digital content producers around the country. Next year will be an even bigger year for NOVA in the digital space.”

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