Nova 100’s Breakfast Team Hang Out With Listeners In LA

Nova 100’s Breakfast Team Hang Out With Listeners In LA

Meshel & Tommy are celebrating their first year as Nova 100’s breakfast team by taking listeners on the ultimate end of season trip – a week in LA.

The team will also broadcast a week of Stars or Stripes inspired shows live from the USA from Monday 1 December.

Nova 100 Meshel & Tommy’s Stars or Stripes gives listeners the choice of seeing the Stars – tickets to some of the biggest artists from Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran or the best music festivals, OR Stripes – a trip for two to join Meshel & Tommy in LA.

Tommy said, “I can’t wait to take some listeners to LA. It’s be like a giant dysfunctional family holiday. I shotgun being the drunk uncle!”

Meshel said, “Obviously Pyongyang is the dream, but I believe LA is also a fun holiday destination.”

From 1 November listeners can call Meshel & Tommy for the chance to see one of the hottest live concerts or go into the weekly draw to win a trip for two to explore LA with Meshel & Tommy. Every Friday the team will announce the winner who will join them to see the best of LA.

Meshel & Tommy have a whole stack of ideas for the week of shows and the listeners travelling with them. However, just like the trip to North Korea and the tattoos the entire team attempted to get this year, the ideas will be “pending management approval”.

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