If It’s Not Real-Time, It’s Too Late

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If you don’t get your message to customers in real-time, chances are they will have moved on by the time you get around to it.

Advancements in digital technologies have created an instantaneous world and marketers need to clued in or risk falling behind.

That was the message at Tealium’s Digital Velocity conference held in Sydney on Thursday.

“Every company that wants to be successful, that wants to survive and thrive has to embrace real-time,” said Tealium VP & GM APAC Nic Dennis.

“Why? Because you can’t target my 25-year-old daughter based on what she was thinking about yesterday, that will be 100 per cent ineffective, I guarantee it.”

So what does real-time marketing look like?

Real-time marketing considers all the various contexts that shape our day. It could be serving an ad for coffee in the morning or a bank telling a customer it can save a withdrawal fee by just driving down the road to another ATM.

It’s delivering the right message at the right time.

What this ultimately comes down to is data and utilising machine learning. Prior to the conference, Tealium launched the built-in machine learning technology for its Customer Data Platform (CDP), Tealium AudienceStream.

Tealium says this is to help organisations with the “data wrangling” process that ties down so many companies.

“We can deliver machine learning data into a customer’s entire downstream tech stack, whether any of those stack tools have machine learning capabilities or not,” said Tealium CTO Mike Anderson.

First-party data

With growing privacy concerns, delivering real-time marketing ultimately rests on securing first-party data from customers.

To do this, customers need to trust you.

“As we get into the world of privacy and consent – which is coming – customers have to understand that their data will be used to build better experiences,” said Anderson.

“If their data is used to show them value, they’ll give you more, they’ll trust you. And that’s the ecosystem of trust that we have to build.”


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