Ultimate Edge Communications Joins #DitchThePitch

Ultimate Edge Communications Joins #DitchThePitch

Sydney-based media marketing consultancy Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) has taken a stand, refusing to engage in traditional pitches when acquiring new business (also known as #DitchThePitch).

Originally coined by Steve Yastrow, founder of Yastrow & Company, advising agencies to fight the traditional pitching process by improving persuasive conversations to achieve success.

#DitchThePitch has also been backed by Charlie Carpenter, MD of CreativeBrief, highlighting that two-thirds of brand CMOs would still work with agencies that refuse to engage in traditional pitches.

“Ultimate Edge Communications has been a pioneer, not pitching for work to acquire new accounts,” said Aleisha McCall (feature image), Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) founder and CEO. “We have to be the change we want to create.

“Whenever a client needs confirmation we are in sync with their creative ideas, branding or positioning, we provide them all the comfort they need with a paid statement of work that includes all the details of a traditional pitch.”

“Thus far, we’ve had 100% success with this approach and only in a small percentage of cases do we need to make adjustments to the original recommendations, which are catered for in the deployment stage of the campaigns” McCall added.

“Our collaborative approach requires us to involve all stakeholders in the process as we iteratively bring a campaign to life”.




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