Nonexistent Social Network Worth $4 Billion

Nonexistent Social Network Worth $4 Billion

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A social network with no revenue and no assets is causing a scene on the stock market. So what's the deal?


If you thought the potato-salad Kickstarter story was a crazy example of free markets run amok, here’s one that’s even more surreal: A social-media company called CYNK Technology is exploding in the stock market, with shares up more than 25,000 percent since the middle of June. If you’ve never heard of CYNK Technology, you’re forgiven — the company has no assets, no revenues, and a single employee. It’s not even clear if the company’s social network, IntroBiz, has any members.

And yet, Wall Street is going nuts over CYNK. As of today’s close, the company’s market value is over $4 billion, making it more valuable, on paper at least, than companies like JetBlue and the New York Times.

What the hell is going on? Is this some sort of coordinated stock-market prank? Or just a sign that we’re in another tech bubble?

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