Nine’s Chris Uhlmann Blames Turnbull’s Woes On “Bullies” News, Sky & 2GB

Nine’s Chris Uhlmann Blames Turnbull’s Woes On “Bullies” News, Sky & 2GB

Nine’s chief political correspondent Chris Uhlmann has blamed Australia’s conservative media for the current fiasco unravelling in Canberra.

Uhlmann used a segment on Nine’s Today show this morning to accuse the likes of Sky News, The Daily Telegraph and 2GB of “waging war” against the Turnbull government.

“Everyone from the prime minister on down has pointed out to me that they believe there is a campaign being waged against them,” he said.

Uhlmann singled out 2GB’s conservative commentators Alan Jones and Ray Hadley and Sky’s right-wing commentators as being “players in the game” to dispose of Turnbull.

“If they are making phone calls to people trying to push people over the line, then they’re part of the story,” Uhlmann said.

“They’re among the biggest bullies in the land and it’s about time that people called them out for what they are.

“Sky after dark has been running a campaign against Malcolm Turnbull, Sky after dark has been turning Liberal National voters into One Nation voters and they’re not coming back.

“People need to know everyone who is involved in this today because it’s the Australian country that’s at stake here.

“With friends like Sky News, Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t really need any other enemies,” he said.

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