Nine Cops Wave Of Criticism Over “Disgusting”, “Terrifying” Promo For ‘Married At First Sight’

Nine Cops Wave Of Criticism Over “Disgusting”, “Terrifying” Promo For ‘Married At First Sight’

The next season of Married at First Sight isn’t airing until next year, but already Channel Nine’s flagship romance reality show has struck a chord with the Aussie public. 

Nine has recently been introducing the contestants for next season for the fifth season of Married at First Sight one by one via social media, and its post on Friday was about a guy named Dean, who “wants to be loved, honoured… and obeyed”.

The tweet includes a video of Dean talking about what he wants in a woman.

“It’s hard to say without being sexist or something, but I like a girl that is a girl and like, she’s girly, and knows that I’m the man and I’m in charge,” he said. 

“I also want someone that listens to me and… I want to be the alpha male and she needs to respect me as the man. I think that’s a traditional role that still exists in a lot of other countries in the world, and Australia’s kind of lost that. 

“A lot of guys are just afraid to be men now and they’re just getting whipped by their women. I don’t agree with that – I don’t know why that’s happened. I want to bring it back.” 

The tweet has already garnered over 1,000 comments, and it’s fair to say most of them are in the negative category. 

Some have described the promo as “disgusting”, “terrifying” and “upsetting”, while others have threatened to boycott Nine and the advertisers for Married at First Sight.

Nine declined to comment when approached by B&T.

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  • Tony Sarno 2 years ago

    Oh FFS, this is great marketing by Nine, amplified by all the snowflakes complaining about it. What do you think will happen when the show screens? He will get his comeuppance. It’s almost too predictable.

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