Nike Unveils Cheeky & Heartwarming Chinese New Year Ad

Nike Unveils Cheeky & Heartwarming Chinese New Year Ad
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As brands being to unveil their Chinese New Year ads, Nike has come out with its latest spot that puts a humorous twist on the hongbao red envelopes tradition.

The traditional Hangbao red envelopes are usually filled with money and given to children by their elders on Chinese New Year for good luck and prosperity.

Widen+Kennedy Shanghai took this idea and turned it into a witty and heartwarming game between an aunt and her niece, who continuously declines the envelope out of politeness.

Watch the 90-second spot for yourself below.

As the niece continues to evade her aunt throughout the years, the girl eventually gets a pair of Nike’s to try and outrun her aunt and the red envelope through factories, festivals, massive crowds, fields and rooftops.

The final scene comes back to the present day as the aunt turns up for Chinese New Year at her nieces’ house, who is now an adult with her own family.

The niece turns the tables and gives her aunt a red envelope, but the aunt is now prepared with her own pair of Nike’s, and the cat and mouse chase goes on.

Nike VP of marketing for greater China Steve Tsoi said: “At Nike, we inspire everyone to make sport a daily habit; even through the festivities of Chinese New Year. The spot takes a playful approach on a Chinese tradition reminding the audience to celebrate and have fun, to stay active during a time when we typically eat a bit too much.”

The ad is for Nike’s new line of Chinese New Year-themed footwear, inspired by the last four cycles of the Year of the Rat.


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