Nike Tops The List Of The 100 Brands That Millennials Love

Nike Tops The List Of The 100 Brands That Millennials Love

Nike might be getting all sorts of press – both positive and negative – for its current Colin Kaepernick campaign, but it appears the Millennials don’t care, voting the sportswear giant as its favourite brand in 2018.

The annual 100 list of brands the Ys love is compiled by US experiential agency Moosylvania and saw Nike snare the number one position away from Apple it won in 2017. You can checkout the full list here.

According to Moosylvania, these are the top 10 brands loved by Millennials. And, yes, it comes from a US perspective.

  1. Nike (up two spots from 2017’s list)
  2. Apple (down one spot)
  3. Amazon (up five spots)
  4. Target (down two spots)
  5. Walmart (N/A)
  6. Samsung (no change)
  7. Google (up four spots)
  8. Sony (down three spots)
  9. Air Jordan (up 39 spots)
  10. Adidas (up eight spots)

According to Moosylvania, the brands that made this year’s list showed a connection with their audience by focusing on making consumers look good, making consumers feel good and entertaining them. It found that brands who focus on inspiring lifestyle and creating participation succeed and not necessarily the brands that spend the most on marketing and advertising.

The study was compiled from the views of 18,000 respondents aged 18-38.

Commenting on the study, Moosylvania’s CEO Norty Cohen said: “We can tell a lot when we see new brands break through the list.

“Everyone is acutely aware of their projected on-line image. We are marketers marketing to marketers.

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