Nielsen Stats Forecast Strong Summer For Publishers Of Sporting News

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November brought the first big sporting events of summer, and with it came the crowds, flocking with great fervour to the sidelines.

Nielsen’s online ratings have shown everything from the cricket to Melbourne Cup, and the first female jockey’s victory in the race’s history, sending Aussies in droves to the interwebs to read about it.

Victorian sites The Age and Herald Sun were visited by an additional 194,000 and 275,000 respectively in November, while the gambling / sweepstakes category also experienced an uplift of 678,000 additional people visiting to place and check bets in November.

The advent of the cricket season, and particularly the first ever Day and Night Test, resulted in a major lift for Cricket Australia’s site with an additional 325,000 people visiting, for a total unique audience of 854,000.

ESPNcricinfo gained an additional 251,000 unique audience to its site this month, while MSN Sport grew by 120,000 people compared to October 2015, and a sizeable 306,000 lift in audience from November 2014.

Commenting on the results, Nielsen head of media Monique Perry said, “The Melbourne Cup well and truly stopped the nation this year, and this meant sporting sites saw major upswings in audience. We know that Australians love sport, and November results show that the summer of sport has started with a bang.

“Nielsen’s 2015 Australia Connected Consumer Report found that 58% of consumers said sport is their favourite TV genre that they read articles, reviews and looked at photos about online – higher than any other genre – so these results are further evidence that the online medium is a key part of the modern sporting experience.”

When looking at the current events and global news sub-category, the ABC News Websites experienced a gain of 352,000 in audience, while the BBC saw 293,000 additional people visiting.

Top Sites ranked by Unique Audience for News

Name Unique Audience (000) Page Views Per Person Sessions Per Person Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss) 3,677 61 14.97 02:04:38 3,136 38 12.52 01:30:13
ABC News Websites 3,035 29 8.62 00:38:34
Daily Mail Australia 2,332 25 8.48 01:07:39
ninemsn News Websites 2,305 22 10.28 00:46:02
The Age 1,922 43 11.49 01:31:26
The Guardian 1,858 15 5.81 00:33:51
Herald Sun 1,797 17 7.37 00:39:25
BBC 1,686 26 6.94 00:41:09
Yahoo7 News Websites 1,664 18 8.04 00:28:44

Source: Nielsen Online Ratings, Hybrid data November 2015

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