NGEN’s Dodgeball Cup Raises $30K For UnLtd Charity Hear For You

  • NGEN Dodgeball Charity Cup
  • NGEN Dodgeball Charity Cup (Melbourne winners - Nova)
  • Sydney Cheer Squad Award Winners Souther Cross Austereo
  • NGEN Dodgeball Charity Cup (Sydney winners - Zenith)
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NGEN has continued its fine tradition of fierce competition with its NGEN Charity Cup, holding dodgeball competitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to raise $30,000 nationally for UnLtd charity partner Hear For You, the official benefactor of the Cup’s efforts.

This year, in an effort to put NGENers in the place of someone who is hearing impaired, the teams that competed for second place had to play a silent dodgeball challenge match.

Players were given headphones and earplugs, while the crowd watched on in complete silence, to simulate the experience of playing dodgeball with hearing impediments.

Hear For You is a charity that provides a place where young deaf or hard of hearing teenagers can hang out amongst other peers, have fun and make friends. It aims to show these teenagers that they are not alone, to inspire them, and to share hints and tips on how to deal with all the obstacles that come with deafness.

Jess Jackson from oOh!media – who was the national sponsor this year across the events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – said: “The day was incredibly valuable for our team. We had fun, we dodged, we mingled and we learnt. Can’t wait for next year!”

David Brady, CEO of Hear For You, said: “Hear For You is truly delighted with the funds raised by the NGEN Charity Cup competitions. This will be such a valuable contribution to supporting the life transforming mentoring programs that positively impact the lives of deaf teenagers.

“I was very impressed by the enthusiasm of the NGEN teams taking part in the silent dodgeball, which provided them with a tiny glimpse of a daily challenge by deaf Australians. We are humbled and honoured to be supported by NGEN this year and thank all those involved.”

Kathleen Beddoes, head of NGEN, said: “It’s a great experience being able to support UnLtd with their effort to raise funds and awareness for their charity partners.

“Seeing the teams understand the significant effect that they can make as members of our industry, whilst having fun, makes this a really exciting project for us to work on.”

UnLtd CEO Paul Fisher said: “The commitment of the NGEN committee and the energy of the NGENers was remarkable. Watching this event being activated across three markets is further proof of how the individual and the industry as a collective create significant value when we come together.

“With Millennials leading the charge in driving social change, we are extremely grateful for the continuing valuable partnership between UnLtd and MFA’s NGEN. UnLtd thanks to all people involved, and especially NGEN for their efforts.”

To support the amazing fundraising efforts by the NGENers, UnLtd will also make a contribution of $5,000 to the total amount, resulting in an impressive $30,000 going to Hear For You.

The winners on the day were as follows:

Sydney ($14,139 raised)

Charity Cup: Seven affiliates ($1,395)

Dodgeball Cup: Hoyts & Zenith

Cheer Squad Award: Southern Cross Austereo

Melbourne ($5,761 raised)

Charity Cup: Fairfax ($1,240)

Dodgeball Cup: NOVA

Cheer Squad Award: oOh! Media

Brisbane ($4,714 raised)

Charity Cup: Zenith ($1,500)

Dodgeball Cup: IKON

Cheer Squad Award: Zenith



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