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NewsLifeMedia and contactless communications provider, Tapit, have partnered up exclusively.

The partnership aims to enhance and add value to existing NewsLifeMedia advertising products.

Contactless communications will enhance NewsLifeMedia’s mobile offering to advertisers, allowing for the creation of more innovative and creative campaigns that encourage interactivity with audiences via their smartphones.

Tapit is a technology platform which leverages a range of contactless technologies including Near Field Communications (NFC) and Beacons. The partnership between the two companies will allow advertisers to utilise Tapit’s technology to engage with NewsLifeMedia apps and content.


For advertisers this means pushing relevant and trusted content to their consumer when they want it most. NewsLifeMedia will provide content to empower consumers at the point of sale to make informed buying decisions and Tapit will enable the content to be delivered in an easy way.

This allows advertisers who are interested in deploying NFC and Beacon related projects to access and communicate with NewsLifeMedia brands such as which most brands would not otherwise have access to.

NewsLifeMedia CEO Nicole Sheffield said: “We see the partnership between NewsLifeMedia and Tapit as a powerful combination. NewsLifeMedia is a leader in content creation and Tapit is a leader in contactless communication. A growing number of clients want to leverage the content NewsLifeMedia creates on their behalf. Harnessing the power of Tapit will now bring an opportunity for consumers to conveniently experience NewsLifeMedia produced content whether they are in-store, at an event or walking past an outdoor poster by simply using their smartphone.”

Tapit founders Jamie Conyngham and Andrew Davis said: “This partnership is really exciting for Tapit. Since 2011 our vision has been focused on making it easy for people to access digital content on their smartphone using contactless communications. Teaming up with NewsLifeMedia brings us another step closer to achieving that vision.”

Compelling content is the key ingredient to drive engagement in contactless communications such as Beacons otherwise people won’t choose to interact with their smartphone. NewsLifeMedia believes their strong position in content creation as well as having trusted brands such as will provide a new chapter for how people and brands communicate with each other using contactless promotional solutions as the enabler.

“We know most people are craving simplicity when it comes to accessing content on their smartphone. Removing cumbersome steps such as searching and typing URLs is valuable for people because it is convenient, it has been proven before with Google for search, Amazon for m-commerce and Tapit aims to be the equivalent for contactless communications,” added Conyngham and Davis.

NewsLifeMedia and Tapit will be offering contactless solutions as part of special media packages to select clients starting in Q4 of this year.

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