News’ Gets “Reimagined”

News’ Gets “Reimagined”

News Corp’s The Daily Telegraph has unveiled its new, fully responsive digital site. 

Designed to work seamlessly across all devices, the reimagined provides a digital first experience for users by improving content discovery and increasing viewability, localisation and personalisation. 

Managing Director News DNA Julian Delany said: “Rebuilding the new is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our customers enjoy and value the experience of consuming the news they want, from a trusted brand. 

“And for advertisers, the new offers more attractive opportunities and a simplified sales experience. We have significantly increased viewable inventory, created ad product consistency, enabled our market leading Native Content product Native in Colour along with full site wide buyout opportunities through our Eclipse product.

“We’ve improved data capture signals so that advertisers can reach the right readers at the right time. And when a sponsor buys an ad with our mastheads they’re guaranteed market leading viewable solutions with a significant increase in viewable inventory with some placements delivering up to 90 per cent viewability, through a persistent desktop right rail and adhesive mobile leaderboard.”

Christopher Dore, editor of The Daily Telegraph said: “With consumers at the centre of our product strategy, the reimagined site meets the evolving needs of our users, who are increasingly consuming content on the go. 

“The new, fully responsive allows our journalists to publish stories  24/7, ensuring readers receive the same hard-hitting, up to the minute coverage on any device, with a modern user experience”. 

The reimagined has addressed feedback and long-standing customer pain points from the largest qualitative sentiment survey, which News Corp ran at the end of last year. 

Daily Telegraph customers were surveyed, providing overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new site. Clear customer requests that we have acted on were for: easier navigation; improved page load performance; continuously updated news; less story repetition on pages; more subscriber exclusivity and special offers and the ability to personalise and localise content,” said Dore.

“The difference with the new is immediately evident, and we will continue to improve and innovate with new features and capabilities.”

News Corp Australia will be extending the same reimagined experience to the readers of the Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser and regional newspapers over the coming months.

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