News Corp Urges Government To Ban Tech Giants From Australian News Content

New York, New York. - May 27, 2017: Google sign outside the Google office in New York City. It is a multinational technology company specializing in internet services and products.

News Corp Australia is pushing the federal government to ban tech giants Google and Facebook from aggregating any Australian news publisher’s content unless they start sharing revenue and data.

In a submission to the federal government ahead of its formal response to the ACCC’s digital platforms inquiry, News Corp’s executive chairman Michael Miller said its submission outlines a “blueprint for how Australia can show global leadership”.

Made public this morning, News Corp has thrown its support behind the ACCC’s recommendations, saying “there must real consequences for non-compliance”.

News Corp has said such consequences should be to “prohibit a digital platform from using any news publisher’s content and collecting any data generated by the use of any news publisher’s content unless all news publishers, or at least the major ones, have negotiated and entered into agreements with that digital platform.”

The submission also said: “This prohibition on using content would also include using content which is a rewritten version of any news publisher’s original content, regardless of who has rewritten the content.”

News Corp also agreed the codes should be governed by the ACCC and not the Australia Communications and Media Authority, as was recommended by the commission.

News also supported the ACCC’s recommendation for codes of conduct over relationships between media business and digital platforms as a means of “addressing an imbalance of bargaining power.”

In News’ submission, Miller called out Google for using its market power to “engage in predatory conduct that leads to less competition, higher prices for advertisers and fewer revenues for publishers”.

News agreed with the ACCC’s recommendation for a digital platform team inside the commission, as well as an inquiry into ad tech services.



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