News Corp & Nova Launch New Podcast Collaboration

News Corp & Nova Launch New Podcast Collaboration

News Corp and NOVA have launched a new strategic podcast collaboration that will provide extensive amplification and reach of their podcasts and commercial scale for business partnerships.

The partnership will provide clients with scale across their audio advertising and sponsorship inventory, along with access to one of Australia’s largest publishing networks News Corp Australia and its assets including Sky News.

NOVA CEO Cathy O’Connor (feature image) said: “We are proud to be working in the podcast space with News Corp Australia, who share our ambitions for growth in the podcast sector and who also believe in the power of audio to amplify their market leading content.”

 News Corp executive chairman Michael Miller added: “News Corp Australia’s media brands continue to invest in original high quality audio storytelling. Through NewsCast, our audio network, we are delighted to partner with NOVA Entertainment, accelerating our commercial and production capabilities.”

The new partnership brings together NOVA’s expertise in audio sales and News Corps’ premium audio content.

Acast remains the hosting and distribution partner for NOVA and will also host, distribute and monetise News’ content while providing detailed analytics on consumption behaviour of their podcast content.

NOVA and Acast will host all of News Corp’s podcasts across sport, health, lifestyle, travel, food, finance and the popular true crime genre. News Corp Australia is the publisher of the global smash hit podcast The Teachers Pet, which has amassed more than 45 million downloads world-wide. News Corp Australia’s extensive podcast portfolio includes other recent success stories such as Who The Hell is Hamish?Life and Crime with Andrew Rule and The Matty Johns podcast.

The partnership will also see NOVA and News Corp collaborate on co-productions. Following their success with the Police Tape podcast series, which launched in March this year, another series will be released in November.

NOVA head of podcasting Jay Walkerden said: “This partnership sees our companies come together to offer listeners some of the best podcast content in Australia and ensure we continue to develop high quality podcast content in line with Australian audience expectations.”


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