News Corp Australia Delivers A Series Of Innovations And Solutions For Marketers

News Corp Australia Delivers A Series Of Innovations And Solutions For Marketers

Customer Match is one of two major innovations News Corp Australia unveiled at their exclusive event D_Coded, allowing advertisers to target brand messages to individual customers anonymously, whether or not they are logged in.

In a complementary announcement the company also revealed a new Customer Data Platform, which will be among Australia’s biggest, providing advertisers with unprecedented, privacy-safe insights from across News Corp Australia, including Foxtel Group and REA Group.

Customer Match, developed in partnership with location data specialist Near, is a new identity database, offering client partners the ability to match their customer emails against 16 million Australian emails. It can then target brand messages to individual customers in a privacy-safe way.

Customer Match is designed to deliver scaled, person-based targeting of audiences in News Corp Australia’s highly engaging digital environments, helping brands both find new customers and target existing ones.

Managing director, client product Pippa Leary, said the Customer Match capability will deliver client partners with unprecedented insights into Australian consumers.

“Customer Match allows marketers to activate audiences with genuine scale to generate genuine outcomes,” Ms Leary said.

“Near has built a database of 16 million Australian emails and through our partnership we have matched these to the IDs we have sitting in our market-leading audience intelligence platform, News Connect.

“Using News Connect IDs means audience members are not required to be registered and logged in while a campaign is running.

“Customer Match is a genuine game changer promising to turbo charge the match rates between client customers and our audience.

“Importantly we can also measure the effect we’ve driven through our Attribution Suite – brand uplift, footfall, FMCG sales, and other category sales.

“This is all done in a privacy-compliant way where customer data is always completely anonymised, which will be unaffected by the cookie apocalypse.”

Customer Match has been built to drive customer outcomes and is immediately available.

General manager of client product and strategy Suzie Cardwell said the market understands that the major challenge of matching email addresses on digital networks is getting sufficient match rates and then finding active daily or weekly logged in users to achieve scale. “Our Customer Match solution addresses both of these critical challenges,” said Ms Cardwell.

“In our trials run to date, we’re seeing high match rates. As our targeting solution doesn’t rely on people being logged in to receive advertising, our active user rates are extremely high.”

News Corp Australia also announced a new Customer Data Platform (CDP), one of the largest in Australia.

In partnership with Foxtel Group, Streamotion and REA Group, News Corp Australia will launch a new CDP in July 2022, combining the force of the networks’ first party data to build the richest targeting capability in the market for advertising clients.

“It is with great excitement that we announce our new CDP, it will supercharge our understanding of audiences, uncovering their interests not only across News Corp Australia’s digital network but across all of the networks,” said Ms Leary.

“Done with privacy at the forefront, we anonymise the emails and deal only in ID numbers rather than personal information.

“Our new CDP will advance our understanding of our audiences’ interests while continuing to deliver our advertisers privacy-compliant ways to talk to audiences and customers.

“It will give us deep, granular audience intelligence and targeting capability and we will be able to extract meaningful insights in order to create our customer segmentation, the kind of segmentation that allows us to target client messages to the right people.”

News Corp Australia announced Customer Match and the new Customer Data Platform at D_Coded, the company’s fourth digital marketing event for advertising, marketing and media executives.

To harness the power of unrivalled audience intelligence for your brand, talk to your News Corp Australia representative to decode the solution.

Lou Barrett, managing director, national sales, News Corp Australia

News Corp announces further marketing innovations with new shoppable videos

The company have also revealed Shoppable Video Advertising, a new solution revolutionising the way brands connect with consumers to make purchases directly within advertisers’ video content.

Using ground-breaking technology, the new product delivers a seamless interactive user experience – allowing consumers to initiate and complete a purchase within video advertising, without leaving the video.

Managing director, national sales, Lou Barrett said that the launch of Shoppable Video Advertising delivers a market-first e-commerce experience for News Corp Australia’s retail partners.

“Shoppable advertising is the next evolution in our ability to facilitate real business outcomes for brands across our digital network.

“By introducing shoppable solutions we are taking customers closer to the transaction, helping brands drive sales and growth.”

Managing director, client product Pippa Leary said building the shopping experience directly into video ads generates an unprecedented level of engagement between brands and consumers.

“As we continue to drive innovation in our business and increase the value and expertise in our data and digital offering we are building an unmatched suite of ‘buy now’ initiatives,” Ms Leary said.

“Today’s consumer is always on and ready to buy. The time between the start of their purchase journey, or click to buy, can be just seconds.

“We’ve partnered with Vudoo to build new interactive video technology that presents the customer with the opportunity to ‘buy now’ while in the video. For the consumer it allows them to act immediately on the desire to buy without leaving their chosen content, resulting in a unique shoppable video experience.”

The shoppable ad unit allows clients to amplify their video advertising across the News Corp Australia digital network and also across the open web with the purchase capability intact and contained within the video experience.

News Corp Australia can target the shoppable video to its tailored Shopper Audience segments using News Connect’s first party targeting capabilities. The video can then be distributed across the company’s digital network, which reaches more than 15.7 million Australians every month.

Omnichannel measurement and attribution will provide clients with a comprehensive view of conversion rates, time spent with the ad and which Shopper Audiences respond the best.

News Corp Australia’s Shoppable Video Advertising was unveiled at D_Coded, the company’s fourth digital marketing event for advertising, marketing and media executives.

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