New Website Rates Influencers As Better Than Celebs

New Website Rates Influencers As Better Than Celebs

In a world-first move that proves just how influential those darn influencers have become, a new fashion, beauty and lifestyle website has launched with influencers front and centre.

Founded by award-nominated journalist Yelena Fairfax (pictured), Husskie pushes the traditional celebrity-focused publishing model of this genre right off the page, and dives deep into the lives, shopping habits, and careers of influencers and inspirers.

With over 12 years experience in the publishing industry, Fairfax’s most recent role was editor at Bauer Media’s BEAUTYDIRECTORY. This position saw her work closely with influencers since their first arrival on the media scene – culminated with the launch of the BD Influencer Network earlier this year.

Husskie taps into the knowledge and experience Fairfax acquired during extensive time spent working on both influencer-led content and brand campaigns.

Explaining the decision behind the launch, Fairfax stated, “Over the last few years I have watched on as the world has become more and more fascinated with bloggers and influencers. What started as a fun way to share a daily outfit has turned the traditional publishing model on its head.

“Influencers are making their way onto the cover of top fashion magazines from Vogue to Harper’s BAZAAR, ushered into the front row of fashion shows, and pocketing reported seven figure brand deals.

“The last year has also seen a big swing in advertising dollars shifting away from more traditional methods onto influencer marketing. And there’s a reason for this. Influencers are able to stir up mind-blowing sales because people care about them, trust them. Influencers are seen as real everyday people, someone they could be friends with – aspirational as opposed to unobtainable.

“The public isn’t just interested in the products influencers use, they want to know everything about them. That’s where Husskie comes in. Husskie is a one-stop hub where people can discover not only the fashion, beauty and lifestyle habits of influencers, but also take a look at life behind the camera (or iPhone).”

The launch of Husskie sees extended interviews with They All Hate Us fashion bloggers Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton, Collective Hub founder Lisa Messenger, lifestyle influencer Li-Chi Pan, and Gypsea Lust travel influencer Lauren Bullen.


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