New TV Show Puts Call Out For “Real” Couples To Have Sex Live On-Air

New TV Show Puts Call Out For “Real” Couples To Have Sex Live On-Air

Just when you thought reality TV couldn’t possibly find a new angle comes news out of Norway of a planned new show that’s set to show real couples engaging in sexual intercourse in front of a studio audience.

Slated to air in November on NRK’s P3 channel the show is called Line fikser kroppen (English translation: Line Fixes Her Body) and reportedly designed to educate young people about sex rather than the pornography films that they’re probably watching.

The host of show, Line Elvsåshagen, said the program was designed to be educational and not salacious.

“The idea is not to show sexual organs in action but rather to move away from a glorified image and show that sex is a nice and intimate situation that can often be a bit clumsy without being dangerous,” Elvsåshagen said.

However, despite a concerted effort to find potential couples for the mooted new show, applications haven’t exactly been flooding in. The show’s producers have taken to hanging posters around the country and has made contact with a number of blogs but to little avail.

P3’s editorial director, Håkon Moslet, said the show offered a more realistic narrative to that seen in porno flicks: “Just showing surgically-enhanced bodies and overly-choreographed sex creates false hopes and misperceptions,” he said.

“We hope that by showing sex in its entirety, rather than just merely as penetration, we can provide the target group with the right approach.”


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