New Podcast ‘DoYouEven Influence?’ Launches

New Podcast ‘DoYouEven Influence?’ Launches
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In 2022, brands are predicted to spend over $15 billion on influencers alone. So why is the industry still trying to find legitimacy? Founder of Sydney and Melbourne Vegan Guides, Renee Buckingham, has assembled some of Australia’s top influencers to help find the answer.

Launching May 25, DoYouEven Influence? is a new podcast that pulls back the curtain on the world of influencing, giving listeners behind-the-scenes access to some of Australia, and the world’s, most colourful Instagram stars.

From exciting up-and-comers to international heavyweights, the broad spectrum of guests includes sneaker royalty Jemuel Wong (@jemuelwong), vegan queen Liz Miu (@itslizmiu), body diversity advocate Rani West (@raniwest_), and the UK’s very own Tennesha Vanterpool (@nieshvanterpool).

No topic is off limits, from algorithms favouring white standards of beauty, to brand tattoos sparking collaboration deals.

Guests delve into the dark side of business, including being ghosted by brands, and reveal the most cringeworthy moments that don’t make it to the ‘gram. Find out who had to lick a product to get that ‘Insta-shine’, and what happens when a Koala mattress red wine test goes horribly wrong.

In 40-minute episodes, influential names share their top tips and tricks to growing an authentic following, as well as insight into their daily routines and the not-so-glamourous elements of the job.

It’s not just about social media stars, as Buckingham speaks with PR professionals, top gamers and entrepreneurs to understand influence in all its forms.

Fascinating, funny and full of OMG-moments, DoYouEven Influence? is set to become a trendsetter in its own right.

Over six years, Buckingham has been on a mission to legitimise the influencer career and improve industry standards. Managing a small business and producing top breakfast radio shows around the country, Buckingham is a go-getter with wealth of knowledge on both sides of the coin.

The new podcast is opening up daily conversations she has with fellow ‘grammers and brands to the general public.

Former star of children’s TV-series Magical Tales and Renee Buckingham’s elder brother, James Buckingham, is the man behind the mic. With global touring experience and ARIA-charting singles to his name, he knows how to create an utterly addictive listening experience.

DoYouEven Influence? is now available on all major podcasting platform

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