New Platform For Scaling Agency Talent Networks

New Platform For Scaling Agency Talent Networks

Agencies now have a tool to build their own live networks of creative talent, with the launch of a new platform Dovetail X.

Dovetail X enables talent and project managers to create Pinterest-style boards to curate and scale their creative teams. The platform allows managers to get a bird’s-eye view of talent, build teams collaboratively, and scale quickly for projects.

Dovetail X founder, Kate Darby (featured image) says the new tool was built in response to a fundamental shift in client, agency and talent relationships.

Darby said: “In a new era of project-based work, the traditional retainer model has been made redundant, requiring agencies to be adaptable and light on their feet.

“It’s no longer about size, it’s about ability to scale.

“Clients are ditching retainers in favour of rapid-turnaround projects.

“Agencies that work more like an open network than a holding company will be able to adapt and scale to each new project.

“While agencies race to adapt their workplace models, the workforce itself is also changing.”

Darby continued: “Creatives are going freelance and starting niche, independent studios to service a new breed of clients and projects.

“Previously this talent would have been locked up in full-time roles, but now agencies have a more diverse pool to access.

“We spoke with hundreds of creatives and agencies all over the world.

“The recurring theme was that a combination of the right talent and the ability to move fast would be the difference between winners and losers.”

Darby added: “We kept hearing the same thing.

“Discovering new talent was important, but people also had networks they had been personally curating and amassing for years.

“These valuable connections were being buried in stale spreadsheets, with little or no shared access.

“Our tool needed to be flexible and simple enough for talent managers, creative directors or project people to access their talent fast, without us getting in the way.”

For that reason Dovetail X takes no commission on talent, opting for a simple, flat subscription model that removes any barriers between agencies and their talent networks.

The platform is free for freelancers to join.

Darby concluded: “The future of work is open, diverse ecosystems of talent.

“We want to equip agencies so they are ready to thrive in that world.”

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