New niche found in targeting Gen Y

New niche found in targeting Gen Y

Upon realising there was minimal “tangible” online advice portals for recent graduates, Samantha Devlin and Sarah Warmoll created the online portal The Footnotes to connect Gen Ys with “tangible and influential experience based content”.

The site was launched on April 16 with the understanding that “even bad decisions can make for good stories”.

Devlin and Warmoll acknowledge that there is tight competition for those wanting to connect and educate people aged 16-25, however they believed no one was yet “excelling at providing mass unbranded information that genuinely motivates and informs readers”.

Within the first 24 hours of the launch off Instagram, the site had more than 1500 unique viewers.

Within the past four weeks that number has jumped to 82,000, according to Devlin .

The Footnotes’ main goal is to use digital as an enabler, not just a channel and it is working on a number of PR and marketing strategies.

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