New Mag for Pac Mags

New Mag for Pac Mags

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Pacific Magazines is allegedly launching a new magazine in the women's market, with magazine director Peter Zavecz saying they're only a couple of weeks shy of focus groups.

Magazine giant Pacific Magazines is planning to launch a new print and digital magazine in the women’s market in the first quarter of next year, The Australian reports.

The Australian writes: Indicating his confidence in the print sector, Mr Zavecz told The Australian Pacific had developed a mainstream magazine in the women’s market which would be focus-group tested.

“We’re only a couple of weeks away from focus groups. Nothing has been signed off,’’ he said.

“It will quite possibly be in the first quarter of next year. We’re still confident in print. We’ll be creating specific content for each channel, not just taking one art­icle and spreading it over the different platforms. We’re looking at some opportunities with print, and print and digital options.”

Read the full article by Sharri Markson from The Australian here.

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