Ad Tells Travellers How To Stop Their Trip Going Rotten

Ad Tells Travellers How To Stop Their Trip Going Rotten
THIS (CTI) is back once again with its newly released ad just in time for December’s peak travel period.

The campaign, labelled; Do you know who I am? features the website’s iconic holiday geek-guru Eugene Wylde in various unlucky holiday scenarios. This time he finds himself in Bora Bora with an unfortunate case of toothache.

Natalie Smith, marketing manager of said: “The message of our December ad campaign is simple. Don’t let dental problems uproot your holiday dreams!”

“Let’s face it, you can’t always rely on your holiday to run smoothly. Whether it’s toothache turning your trip rotten or a ghastly case of gastro landing you in hospital, medical fees abroad can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. The last thing you need on a relaxing, tropical escape is a massive medical bill.”

The frustration of a trip turned sour is a universal experience that believe is best conveyed through a bout of oddball humour.

Smith continued: “With the silly season just around the corner, it’s appropriate that our new ad puts the humour into holiday hurdle.”

“Insurance is a sombre subject, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are firm believers in the spirit of adventure- we simply advocate peace of mind so you can better enjoy your journey.”

“We strongly emphasise the importance of travel insurance while staying true to our fun-loving, quirky brand. And never more so than in our latest campaign, where our support character Eugene, appears dressed as a giant tooth, holding a drill, in Bora Bora. He illustrates a painful travel scenario we’d all like to avoid! ”

A history of risqué business

CTI aren’t afraid of being a bit risqué – their previous ad campaign “Save yourself the risk” featured a dwarf, an overweight man and a chainsaw was banned back in 2012 due to weight discrimination complaints to the Ad Standards Bureau.

Smith concluded: “While our new ad campaign is a tad cheeky, it certainly doesn’t aim to offend. Ours ads are designed to entertain our viewers and make them laugh. Regardless, the banning of our “Save yourself the risk” ad didn’t seem to diminish our success.  The reworked version of that campaign has now been viewed almost 6.7 million times on YouTube!”

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