Never before released Free Wifi Stats

Never before released Free Wifi Stats

With over 320,000 unique free Wi-Fi users a month clocking up 1.2 million sessions we are managing to collect some interesting data analytics. DC4G’s half year free Wi-Fi Infographic is now available.

“We’ve seen some big shifts in behavior this year compared to previous, starting with a steady decline in iOS users and the explosive growth of Tencent’s Instant Messaging app,” said Robert Ablinger, Co-Founder and COO at DC4G.

Wi-Fi analytics point to a continuing two-horse battle between Samsung and Apple for device supremacy. Android has gained significant ground on iOS from last year to now almost be on par. Facebook takes the number one position for most popular application with some very fast moving competition at its heels. Mobile, including tablets is by far the weapon of choice for Free Wi-Fi users with close to 90% airtime ownership.

Free Wi-Fi users are consuming close to 8TB (yes terabytes) of data a month with YouTube, Facebook and Google taking the honour’s as the top three-bandwidth hungry heavyweights.

“Our favourite statistic is the 26.3˚ brings out the most connections and another is seen our polling suggesting the number of females also jumping on to free Wi-Fi now accounting for 50% surfers. Safari continues to dominate in browser but more than 94% of total Safari use is in-app only,” said Robert Ablinger of DC4G.

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