Netflix’s ‘Day Without Sports’ Email Sets Off Predictable Rage

Netflix’s ‘Day Without Sports’ Email Sets Off Predictable Rage

Today in America no professional sports will air on television, it’s the non-holiday dubbed “Day Without Sports”. To celebrate this non-event, NYC-based PR firm MSL Group sent a list on behalf of Netflix of rom-coms and sports movies suggestions that men and women could enjoy. Insert eye roll here.

Here’s the email which was forwarded on to blog Jezebel:

“Happy Monday! Netflix wanted to share a couple fun lists, in anticipation of July 15th: That one day a year that sports enthusiasts fear most…The Day Without Sports. On this day, fans will see no professional sports on television as a part of the MLB All-Star break. Men be warned: girlfriends and wives around the U.S. are going to take “no sports on TV” as an invitation to gain some serious TV power – whether by recommending a favorite rom-com or multiple episodes from a favorite drama series. And, women be empowered! Sports will not be there to save him this time.

For the men, Netflix has put together a list of content that will help you and your girlfriend compromise on your entertainment:

  • Silver Linings Playbook – Satisfy her need for romance, and you’ll get the added opportunity to view Jennifer Lawrence the entire time.
  • Peaky Blinders – By calling out all of the good looking guys, you might be able to convince her to watch this Netflix original that’s packed with crime and action.
  • Scandal – Multiple episodes and scenes with the beautiful Kerry Washington. Enough said.
  • Rudy – Get her to realize that everyone loves a good underdog story so you can watch some football.
  • Friday Night Lights – Another great way to get some football in while providing the drama she loves.
  • One Tree Hill – If you’re more of a basketball fan, this one’s for you, as it’s packed with drama both on and off the court. Plus, Sophia Bush.
  • Rocky – Use words like “uplifting” and “heartfelt” to convince her this is the movie for you guys to watch

Also, just as an FYI – there’s more than 50 of ESPN’s 30 for 30 titles on Netflix if you plan to just stream on your phone or laptop while she takes over the living room.

For the women, this is your day, ladies. Get him hooked on some of your favorite TV shows or get him to finally watch that romantic comedy you’ve been dying to share with him. Netflix has put together a list of some of the best content to share with your guy on the one day a year the TV is yours, no excuses.

· Friends

· One Tree Hill

· Scandal

· Grey’s Anatomy

· Parenthood

· Gilmore Girls

· Friday Night Lights

· Pretty Little Liars

· High Fidelity

· Silver Linings Playbook

· Employee of the Month

· 50 First Dates

· The Switch

· 13 Going on 30

· Jerry McGuire

· Annie Hall

· Grease

· Hitch

· Don Jon

· Good Luck Chuck

· The Best of Me

· Labor Day

· Thanks for Sharing

· Maid in Manhattan

· Legally Blonde I & II

Just a few fun ideas from Netflix!”

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