Need a Jingle?

Need a Jingle? is a new service set to revolutionise the way custom music and sound design are sourced for commercial use.

NeedaJingle runs open contests in which composers, musicians, producers and recording artists from all over the world compete to have their tracks selected for use in media productions in exchange for a licensing fee set by the contest holder.

Rather than hiring a single composer, NeedaJingle gives clients access to a huge range of international composers, giving the client more control, more options, and more interpretations on their brief.

Whether it’s for commercials, apps, online, gaming, jingles, educational, corporate, or even personalised music for anniversaries and weddings, their network of professional artists will compose quality bespoke music for any occasion.

Music licensing with NeedaJingle is flexible and easy. Clients can customise exclusivity and duration, knowing that all licenses are worldwide and cover all media. That means that these tracks can be used on anything, anywhere.

For directors, producers, agencies, and production companies, this is the marketplace where, for whatever budget they might have allocated to a single composer (or generic library music), they’re now able to engage a diverse pool of international artists, all striving to provide the best custom audio to fit the brief.

NeedaJingle also offers a unique Engagement Marketing opportunity for brands. Artists are encouraged to use the site’s integrated social functionality to share their creativity across social networks. For brands, every share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ gives them exposure to another unique network, building an authentic community of engagement and genuine interest around the brand. Every NeedaJingle contest has the potential for phenomenal exposure with measurable value.

For more sensitive campaigns, the Private Contest feature allows clients to restrict contest access to registered site users, and only after completing a non-disclosure agreement. Private Contests block search engine indexing and disable social sharing functionality in order to fully protect campaign information.

Contests also include a video synchronisation option for projects requiring accurate timing or cue points. By uploading a video, clients are able to preview audio submissions locked to their vision. This is just one of many innovative features found within the site.

NeedaJingle offers a 100% money back guarantee in the rare case that a client doesn’t find the right track. It is a risk-free service where clients receive the perfect track, or their money back.

This new crowdsourcing model offers those looking for custom music and sound design an unparalleled level of choice. NeedaJingle is a flexible, cost-effective and risk-free way to source quality bespoke music and creative sound.

Welcome to the most powerful music composition tool on the planet.

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