NED Australian Whiskey Infuses The Sounds Of Bathurst Into New Range

NED Australian Whiskey Infuses The Sounds Of Bathurst Into New Range
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Fast-growing Melbourne-based whisky label, NED Australian Whisky has announced the release of its special-edition Sounds of Bathurst range.

What is the origin of this campaign you ask? It starts with whiskey and the peculiar way it ages in barrels.

Due to the chemical relationship between the spirit and the barrel, which over time pulls the beautiful flavours of oak from the barrel, the spirit is softened and smoothed to craft an indulgent whisky.

And like most other liquids, chemical reactions can occur and be sped up by adding an energy system. And one of the simplest ways to accelerate the whisky ageing process is by using vibrations.

This intrigued the NED Whisky team and enabled them to escalate the chemical reaction by purposely vibrating its barrels with one of the most quintessentially Australian sounds of all, Bathurst.

Earlier this year, Australian motor racing team, Kelly Grove Racing recorded the mighty roar of its powerful V8 supercars while running laps on Mount Panorama.

For over 50 hours a week, over the course of several months, The NED Whisky team used these vibrating V8 recordings and blasted them through the reserve grade NED Australian Whisky barrels, in turn delivering one of the most unique whiskies ever made.

“It sounds crazy but there is a lot of research around how sound can age whisky,” said NED Australian Whisky master distiller, Sebastian Raeburn.

“We had the idea to record the whole race of the first season of Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama and started playing it into the reserve barrels over the past few months to speed up the ageing process.

“Even though we knew it would work, we were blown away by how amazing the whisky has turned out, it tastes incredible.

“The batch is ready just in time for the final race of the season.”

Sounds of Bathurst is filled with toasted oak and sticky caramel aromas, as well as hints of toffee and a maple long length finish with structured body.

The limited batch comes in two iconic designs inspired by Kelly Grove’s #7 and #26, and will be released in time for this year’s final Bathurst race.

The limited-edition Sounds of Bathurst 500ml whisky bottles are now available online at NED Australian Whiskey’s official website. But only 1,743 bottles were produced, so better be speedy!

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