Name B&T’s Hov For Pitch2Punch

Name B&T’s Hov For Pitch2Punch

We’ve seen your enthusiasm to watch him get snotted in the ring, so continue your bloodthirsty delights in helping name David Hovenden’s ring name in the upcoming Pitch2Punch.

Despite being strictly forbidden by his wife to enter the ring to help raise money for BeyondBlue, B&T’s editor-in-chief and The Misfits CEO David Hovenden has been sweating it out in 8Limbs Gym in Bondi Junction as he readies himself for fight night 8 July 2016.

Vote for the Hov’s terrifying ring name here. Buy tickets here.

Check out the competition in the photo gallery above. We’ve noticed no-one is sporting a zimmer frame so we’re very worried for the Hov.

Check out the other contenders below:

Pitch2PunchA3-final_RHONDA 2 Pitch2PunchA3-final_CLAIRE_B Pitch2PunchA3-final_DANIEL_A Pitch2PunchA3-final_GRETEL Pitch2PunchA3-final_REBECCA Pitch2PunchA3-final_KATIE 2 Pitch2PunchA3-final_SAM Pitch2PunchA3-final_RONAN Pitch2PunchA3-final_REBECCA Pitch2PunchA3-final_OLLY Pitch2PunchA3-final_MICHAEL Pitch2PunchA3-final_LIAM Pitch2PunchA3-final_CARL Pitch2PunchA3-final_CARLEY Pitch2PunchA3-final_CHRIS Pitch2PunchA3-final_DEEJAY Pitch2PunchA3-final_JANINE Pitch2PunchA3-final_JONATHAN Pitch2PunchA3-final_CLAIRE_A 2 Pitch2PunchA3-final_GARY Pitch2PunchA3-final_ADAM Pitch2PunchA3-final_ANUSHKA


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