Naked Gets Energetic With New Energy Retailer Aussie Launch

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Naked Communications is teaming up with innovative new energy retailer, Mojo Power, to help launch its brand in the Australian market. Mojo Power is taking a genuinely different approach to costing electricity, putting customers at the heart of their business.

Customers sign up to a flat-rate subscription based on the level of service support required from Mojo. In doing so, they get access to energy at wholesale rates without any cost mark-ups. Mojo’s key priority is providing the best service to customers, helping them become more energy efficient. For those families with large electricity bills that means substantial savings.

Mark Khademi, chief marketing officer at Mojo Power, said, “Mojo is set to disrupt an energy category that for too long has been run in the interests of big businesses rather than the consumer. We know we have a great business model, and now it’s time to build a great brand. We are looking forward to working with Naked, whose passion and desire to challenge convention was clear in their pitch to us.”

Tim Kirby, managing director of Naked Communications, added: “As soon as we met the team at Mojo we were inspired by their vision for the business and felt aligned with their ambition. This is a category that is in desperate need of innovation, and the Mojo business model delivers exactly that. So our task of launching the business and building the brand is an exciting one, and something we are getting stuck in to from day one.”

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