Music Superstar Pink Lashes Out At Aussie TV Show ‘The Loop’ For Misleading Tweet

Music Superstar Pink Lashes Out At Aussie TV Show ‘The Loop’ For Misleading Tweet

Eleven’s flagship music TV show The Loop has copped a Twitter lashing from Pink after posting a misleading tweet about the US singing sensation.

The Loop, which is hosted by Scott Tweedie and Olivia Phyland (pictured above) posted a tweet on Monday with a still of Pink’s face looking unimpressed during Christina Aguilera’s tribute performance to Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards.

Soon after noticing the tweet, Pink shamed The Loop to her 31.2 million followers with this:

Pink’s tweet came after she copped harsh criticism online for the very same still that The Loop shared on Twitter, to which she also responded in true Pink fashion.

The singer then followed up with a more formal tweet:

And just to show how much the Twitter shit-stirrers had created something out of nothing, CNN news anchor Juan Carlos Arciniegas shared the full video of Pink’s reaction to Aguilera’s tribute performance that the still was taken from.

A spokesman for The Loop told it was flattered that Pink noticed the tweet.

“Everyone at The Loop is a massive fan of Pink and we had no intention of offending her.”


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  • Anne Miles 2 years ago

    Shame that social media perpetuates this environment where our industry think they can say nasty things and think it is invisible. Calling someone ‘Stank’ is pretty cut and dried. If you were speaking to someone’s face you would think twice about being that rude? It was certainly out of context and twisted the facts 180degrees. Hope others learn from this – the right thing that is; not that being nasty and sensationalizing gets you noticed by celebrities and industry trade press. Poor show. Then to say they didn’t mean to offend – seriously?! That’s so disappointing.

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