Mood Media & iHeartRadio Launch Store-to-door Curated Radio Station For Retailers

Mood Media & iHeartRadio Launch Store-to-door Curated Radio Station For Retailers

A curated digital radio station has launched for retail, providing customisable branded background music playlists that give brands a store-to-door customer listening experience, and change to suit different times of the day.

Powered by Mood Media, iHeartRadio for Business is a sophisticated custom radio product designed specifically for business that gives retailers curated in-store radio/messaging solutions that can then be extended beyond the store into people’s living rooms, cars, and on-the-go via mobile devices.

Customers can listen to the background music in-store, and then continue the brand connection by listening to the retailers’ branded radio station after they leave the store through iHeartRadio’s digital platform.

Mood Media’s software and media players provide a music station that shifts throughout the day to reflect the changes in customer demographic over the period of a day, and to keep staff motivated.

It is also dynamic enough to evolve to suit changes in seasons, store promotions and themes.

The solution allows businesses to insert promotional messages into specified time slots to appeal to different customers.

The mobile product is also able to target particular adverts to individual users based on key data, so that once a consumer leaves a store and uses iHeartRadio’s digital platform, they can listen to the retailer’s specially curated radio station and be served with adverts that are relevant to them, including the ability to target special promotions.

Steve Hughes, managing director at Mood Media Australia, said: “Bricks-and-mortar stores are always looking for ways to remain connected with customers after they leave their store, in order to encourage repeat visits and keep their brand top of mind.

“Retailers can now foster engagement through a store-to-door radio experience.”

“The most successful brands no longer sell just products or services, they also sell experiences. Interaction with a brand provides the customer with sensations and memories that they can’t obtain elsewhere – a unique and personalised experience.

“Effective experiential design engages the customer on as many levels as possible, and music is just one element of the engagement.”

“Music can set the tone of a brand, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses, just as no customer is identical.

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