Moo Brew Unveils Ridiculous “Pale Belgian” Ad, But It’s Beer & It’s Weird & It Works

Moo Brew Unveils Ridiculous “Pale Belgian” Ad, But It’s Beer & It’s Weird & It Works

To celebrate the launch of their limited release Belgian Pale Ale, infamous Tasmanian brewery Moo Brew recruited the palest Belgian male in Australia to be the face of their new campaign.

“Yes, Belgium is a richly diverse, multicultural nation, but for our Belgian Pale Ale rhyme to work we needed to somehow find a pale Belgian male. Jens was the best we could find.” said Moo Brew marketing manager, Tim Dudgeon.

Sourced from overseas (the mainland), local Belgian Jens Jacobs was selected to act as brand ambassador.

“I actually haven’t lived in Belgium for quite a while now, but Moo Brew said they’d make it work with Photoshop,” said Jacobs.

When Jacobs arrived in Hobart looking a little more St Kilda and a little less sun deprived than hoped, an important decision was made by the Moo Brew marketing team.

“Look, we just had to make do with the talent available. So we put him on a trawler in double underpants and clogs in the centre of Hobart, but it just didn’t seem to work. You really can’t predict these things,” said Dudgeon.

With a campaign of Belgian Pale Male posters, coasters and social media set to roll out, it’s certainly a trip Jens won’t soon forget.

And while the marketing may be questionable, the beer is said to be pretty good. “None of us at Moo Brew are exactly fluent in Flemish,” says Dudgeon, “but I’m pretty confident Jens enjoyed the beer. And it sounded like he was totally fine with us bleaching his eyebrows for the launch, too.”

Head Brewer Dave Macgill was just as delighted to have Jacobs on hand to promote the limited release beer, “I don’t know who this kid is, but the marketing team seemed to think it was a good idea.”

The Belgian Pale Ale is light-bodied, finishes dry and presents with a bright copper colour. A delicately textured malt background balances the Belgian yeast tartness and snappy hop bitterness.

Moo Brew’s Belgian Pale Ale is available online and in select retailers and venues in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland for a limited time only.

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