Flying Monkey Campaign Proves No Car Crash For Insurer Bingle

Flying Monkey Campaign Proves No Car Crash For Insurer Bingle

Insurance companies are in the business of playing it safe, and their advertising typically reflects this. Bingle car insurance’s marketing team, however, decided to relaunch the car insurance brand with a brave campaign designed to stand out and grab attention. And the calculated risk has paid off big, with back-to-back weeks of record sales and a 100% increase in new business.

The commercials, created by The Monkeys, demonstrate how Bingle is “as simple as it sounds.” In one spot, a chimpanzee is bound, blindfolded and unceremoniously dropped from an airplane, then must fill out a quote before the parachute is released. She does finish the quote, drifting safely to the ground and driving off in a Mini. It’s also worth noting, no chimps were harmed in the making of the commercial, as Joni the chimp was created with 100% computer graphics by renowned animation company The Mill in New York.

Another spot features a musician who plays jazz flute to get his pet crab to dance while tapping on a tablet and filling out a quote with Bingle, with the two driving off together into the sunset. While these scenarios aren’t the typical stuff of insurance commercials, they’ve worked.

James Fitzpatrick head of Bingle Insurance said of the spots:“In addition to new business sales doubling and back-to-back record weeks, compared to the same time last year, we’ve also seen a 17% uplift in unique visits to the website since the campaign launched and a rise in spontaneous brand awareness.”

The Monkeys CCO and co-founder Justin Drape said: “The team at Bingle challenged us to create work that would set them apart, get noticed and get results. It’s a credit to them that they stuck with their game plan. Brave clients are rare.”

In addition to the television spots, Bingle’s fully integrated launch campaign includes radio, digital, activations, press and out-of-home, all demonstrating the simplicity of getting a quote and saving money with Bingle.


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