Monitoring Terrorists Is Okay On Social Media, But Targeted Advertising Isn’t: Survey

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A survey for Unisys Security Insights found 79 per cent of Australians are comfortable with social media monitoring to detect possible terrorist activity. But only 27 per cent are comfortable with targeted advertising on social media.

The Unisys Security Insights Australia: social media monitoring study, conducted by Newspoll, surveyed 1,210 Australians aged 18+ during April this year. The survey found that younger Australians aged 18-24 years the most comfortable with social media monitoring for targeted advertising and offers.

Graph from Unisys Security Insights: Australia

The study concluded that: “In the past, social media users enjoyed a sense of anonymity and security due to the large volume of data and the extensive resources that were required for an interested third party to identify, extract and compile personal information spread across billions of pieces of social networking data.

“However as big data analytics and related technology has improved, the powerful tools needed to analyse the vast amount of social media data have become far less expensive and subscription services have sprung up that put the power of these tools in the hands of even small organisations.”

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