Monash University Selects Tealium To Automate Customer Intelligence

Monash University Selects Tealium To Automate Customer Intelligence

Tealium has announced its collaboration with Monash University to help drive its multi-channel personalisation project.

Monash University has turned its focus to maturing and automating its customer intelligence to better nurture its audience relationships.

Monash created a multi-channel personalisation solution, employing Tealium’s Universal Data Hub (UDH) to create a  unified customer database that encompasses data from prospects, current students, alumni, teachers, and business partners.

In a move to better understand the prospective student’s journey, as a starting point, and help inform their decisions when choosing where to study, Monash University will gain insights into their online life cycle, from initial searches to evaluation, through to final selection.

Employing Tealium’s UDH solution to create a 360-degree view of a single student by orchestrating both existing and real-time data from multiple touchpoints, allows Monash University to provide relevant educational information and a positive experience during a student’s selection process.

These insights allow for an enhanced online experience for all audiences interacting with Monash, ensuring a positive, meaningful, and engaging experience.

By creating a unified data stack and providing key marketing insights through intelligently placed mediums, Tealium’s UDH is assisting with the ‘Focus Monash’ strategy to provide highly relevant and excellent education and research.

Tealium APAC VP and GM, Nic Dennis said: “We’re excited to be working with such a well renowned, data-led institution and looking forward to see how Monash uses Tealium’s Universal Data Hub to help deliver an improved audience experience.

“Monash University’s Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) and eSolutions teams are focused on maturing their data and automating both existing and prospective audience intelligence.

“With more than 70,000 students, 160,000+ alumni, 10,000+ staff members and various interactions with researchers and industry partners, this was a large data set that required advanced technology to help create the single view of the audience that Monash required.”

He added: “Tealium’s Universal Data Hub has helped deliver this vision through data orchestration, and enrichment by providing an all-in-one solution for cross-device data collection and activation.”

Monash University’s CMO, Fabian Marrone said: “Monash University is looking forward to working with Tealium to bring this work to life so we can deliver the best possible audience experience for all our audiences, combining the virtual, digital and the physical environments.”

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