.monash is first global brand TLD

.monash is first global brand TLD

Monash University has been the first brand in the world to gain a Top-Level Domain name.

Delegated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Monash University is now able to proudly say “if it doesn’t have .monash in it, it’s not us”.

The Top-Level Domain (TLD) program was developed by ICANN to provide competition for the likes of .net, .org, .com and is one of the most exciting times for the internet since its creation.

With the help of domain name registry service, ARI Registry Services, Monash University has beaten 600 other brands, including high-profile companies such as Google and Amazon.

The TLD was switched over on the weekend when ARI Registry Services implemented the .monash domain on the internet’s authoritative root servers.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, told B&T this new era of TLDs provides a brand “the ability to carve out their own centre of the internet”.

As well as it being a “great marketing device” for brands, it also allows brands to have a “centre of truth” online, providing their customers with the peace of mind the information is solidly from the brand.

As ARI Registry Services had been with Monash from the very first sales pitch and application stage, the success of the brand is “very satisfying for the team,” Kinderis said, adding that this could push other brands to hurry things along to get their own TDL.

“It’s the firing of the gun,” he said.

“It’s real. It’s happening.”

Vice president and chief information officer at Monash, Dr Ian Tebbett, said ICANN’s delegation reflects the University’s commitment to embracing new technology and expansion in overseas education and research activities.

“The .monash global Top-Level Domain name will allow the University to manage all of its domain names under the global identity of Monash,” Tebbett said. 

“Monash recognises how the Internet has dramatically changed the world, including the education and research activities of the University.”

Kinderis added this achievement further allows Monash to “showcase their ability to be innovative”.

With over 1900 applications overall in the new TLD program, of which 41 were Australian, the new ICANN program will see another 1000 TLDs roll out over the course of the year.

In May last year we saw Melbourne and the Victorian Government establish its own TLD with .melbourne, managing to beat out .sydney.

Melbourne IT’s Bruce Tonkin told B&T last year new domain names are set to have a huge impact on marketing.

The first generic TLDs were also launched in November last year with .singles as one of the lucky nine.

Other generic names could also become TDLs, such as .hotel, .shop, .casino.

The new brand and generic TLDs will allow companies to create targeted destinations for their customers during promotions and campaigns.

 With Kinderis adding ".com really doesn't mean anything anymore", these new TLDs are a turning point for the internet.

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